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На низком старте. За неделю до открытия Гарвардской Глобальной Модели ООН в Мадриде студенты ИБДА РАНХиГС посетили испанское посольство


Уже более 10 лет студенческая команда ИБДА принимает участие в Гарвардской национальной модели ООН.

В этом году ИБДА, принимая вызовы современности, поднимается на новый уровень. Впервые наши студенты станут участниками Гарвардской глобальной модели ООН, которая пройдет в Мадриде с 18 по 22 марта 2019 года.

Модель Организации Объединённых Наций – это синтез научной конференции и ролевой игры, во время которой студенты всего мира воспроизводят работу органов этой международной организации.

Гарвардская глобальная модель ООН проходит в разных странах с 1992 года. У каждого участника есть возможность примерить на себя роль делегата одного из комитетов ООН и вместе с коллегами подумать над решением глобальных проблем человечества. В этом году более 2000 участников модели из 120 стран принимает столица Королевства Испании Мадрид.

В рамках подготовки к Модели делегация ИБДА РАНХиГС по приглашению испанских дипломатов посетила посольство Испании в РФ. Со студентами встретился заместитель главы миссии советник-посланник Игнасио Гарсия-Вальдекасас, который рассказал студентам о специфике деятельности и функциях дипмиссии. Во встрече принимали участие и представители МИД РФ.

В ходе беседы студенты интересовались мнением испанских и российских дипломатов по поводу изменения количественного состава Совета безопасности ООН, особенностей построения карьеры в международных организациях, эффективных методах коммуникации с представителями других стран и народов.

В этом году нашим студентам предстоит выступать от имени сразу двух стран Бразилии и Буркина-Фасо. Ребята готовятся ко встрече с делегатами других стран и делятся своими ожиданиями:

My relationship with Model UN began when I was innocent sophomore with no public speaking experience. I was afraid of everything and everyone. My very first committee was ECOSOC where I’ve been representing the Republic of Rwanda. During the first two days I was silent. However, I had to speak because If I'm not speaking then what’s the point? I flew out of the comfort zone and started. It wasn't so bad after all. I remember arguing about the atomic energy with a girl who won the Best Delegate. That was fun.

When people ask me about Model UN, the first word that comes up to mind is family. Model UN accepts you as you are. Doesn't matter if you are young, old, unexperienced, poor, rich... Your desire to change the world is only thing that matters. I’ve seen brilliant people with extraordinary ideas come and go without being noticed. Model UN is different. It will never let you to pass by.

So, why do I want to go to the Harvard MUN? The Olympics of MUN? Sounds great. International MUN? Sign me up! Honestly, I don't want to die knowing that when I was almost 20 I missed the opportunity that might’ve changed my entire life! And well, in addition to the MUN Im getting the spring Spain. Im not a fool to miss that.

Cant wait!

Zhukova Anastasiya.
IBS International relations, RANEPA, 3rd course

Participation in the World MUN for me is a chance to meet like-minded people from all over the world and to join our efforts in solving the most pressing issues of our planet. In March it will be only a model, but maybe in the future, we, participants of the World MUN, will have a real opportunity to contribute on the international level to make our world a better place for all people to live.

Ekaterina Barannikova
IBS International relations, RANEPA, 3rd course

Participating in MUN’s is an excellent possibility to improve many useful skills and abilities such as public speaking, critical thinking, wittiness, and, of course, language skills. Even at Russian MUNs I can practice my English or other language skills by going to a non-Russian committee. And World MUN, as I believe, can not only give it all doubled but also allow me to meet new interesting people from all over the world with whom we would become friends.

From this World MUN I expect a lot of new exciting experience, new challenges to cope with and lots of fun.

Ivan Leonychev
IBS International relations, RANEPA, 3rd course

Participating in my first international Model UN would greatly broaden my horizons. Actively communicating with delegates from all over the world would sharpen my public speaking skills and open myself for new connections and relations. Discovering multi-faced and complex Spanish culture and getting an opportunity to visit the country which has enriched modern European civilization in many ways is equally important to me.

Filipp Kluev
IBS International relations, RANEPA, 2nd course

I go to the MUN because it is an interesting experience, an opportunity not only to model the UN session, but also to improve my language and professional competence. I strongly believe that any kind of activity can be useful both for future work and for own development.

I see this as an opportunity to improve my public speaking and pitching skills and broaden my horizons.

This will increasingly boost my communication and performance competence. I like to explore the world. Travelling is one of the most exciting ways to do it. I am also interested in intercultural relations as it is an international event where I can meet many exciting young people from all over the world.

Lera Kudinova
IBS International relations, RANEPA, 2nd course

To me HMUN is one of the best opportunities for cross-cultural cooperation and dialogue. There I could infuse the cultural peculiarities of a Russian hinterland and discover how the HMUN community is, though diverse, is united with the same goal of bringing positive change in the world.

Yaroslav Otpushchennikov
IBS International relations, RANEPA, 3rd course

I strongly believe that participation in World Model UN is an honor but also a great test for a future expert in international relations because it is one of those events where you should use all the knowledge you have received on this topic in practice, try to solve some global problems and prove yourself worthy of working in this sphere. Furthermore, it grants you an opportunity to work with people of different age, race and nationality in one team, learn more about each other and therefore “build bridges” between cultures.

Rustam Khapachev,
IBS International relations, RANEPA, 3rd course

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