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Приглашаем студентов на мастер-класс эксперта по вопросам внутренней политики США Марка Нуколса (Georgetown University)


Марк Нуколс - эксперт по вопросам внутренней политики США – проведет англоязычный мастер-класс для студентов ИБДА РАНХиГС. Тема: "Президентские выборы США 2012. Взгляд изнутри".

Студентам расскажут о принципиально важных аспектах современной политической системы США, избирательных технологиях. Эксперт подискутирует о президентской предвыборной гонке и том, чем сулят России возможные сценарии ее завершения.

23 октября, 16:15. Аудитория 338/1.

Mark Nuckols is a JD graduate of Georgetown University and an MBA graduate of Dartmouth College. He is also a former resident of Washington, DC and has close connections to  past and present Democratic and Republican White House administrations, Congress and various government agencies, including the CIA and Federal Reserve System.
Interactive workshop: “The 2012 US Presidential Election - An Inside View “
1) A brief overview of the US political system
2) A brief overview of the US presidential electoral process
3) The key elements of the current presidential campaign
- Obama is likely to win (but how Romney still has a chance to win)
- What are the differences between Obama and Romney (policy and style)
- The Electoral College and "swing states" (and why only ten states really matter)
- Who really has power in the American system (the President has much less power than people think)
- Who matters in US elections (players, informed voters, and the fools)
- The "money primary" (and why money is never enough to win)
- The strengths of the US electoral system (transparency, competition, participation)
- The weaknesses of the US political system (inefficiency and unfairness)
- How the outcome will affect US- Russia relations (less than people think)

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